Epithelial tissues line external and internal surfaces of all organs and perform a diversity of complex biological events including cell signaling, migration, proliferation, stem cell mediated regeneration and extracellular matrix remodeling that contribute to homeostatic mechanisms of the body. Aberrant functioning of this tissue spans a wide range of chronic and acute biochemical and metabolic disorders, susceptibility to pathogenic organisms, mutagenesis and altered immune interactions leading to cancer or other conditions. The proposed conference focus on novel concepts in Epithelial Development, Function and Disease and will bring together leading multidisciplinary research scientists and clinicians in Australia and India to advance the knowledge of epithelial diseases.

The conference will facilitate intellectual sharing at two different levels. The first stream is visualized to provide a platform to share real-world experiences and solutions to clinical problems in Australia and India, besides defining achievable directions for delivery of products that will benefit both patients and the community in India and Australia, particularly those in rural and remote communities and with inadequate resources. The second stream viz. Frontier Research and Emerging Technologies focuses on cutting-edge research and emerging trends in the field. Both streams converge to establish successful productive partnerships towards an improved understanding of epithelial cell function and will be crucial in future for the diagnosis and treatment of epithelial diseases.

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